You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • computer;
  • program Converter, for example "Factory format";
  • - USB cord.
To complete your collection of movies on your phone in several ways. The first is to throw any video or movie with another device using Bluetooth.
If you need a video from a friend there, find it on the Internet, on sites which presented a lot of interesting films. And most importantly: here you can choose the format supported by your phone.
When you use the unlimited tariff, the video files can be downloaded directly to the phone. But this procedure will take sufficient time. Easier – keep the film on the computer, and then transfer it to the SD card of the mobile phone.
If you found the right site for the format you selected to watch a movie (usually it is 3gp or mp4), you can download it by clicking the appropriate label next to the file. Then follow the prompts of the file-sharing system, will receive the download link. Click on it and specify the destination folder to save the file. Usually the default for these purposes is defined section "Downloads" located in "My documents" on your local C drive.
If you didn't find the movie in the format you want, don't worry: it can be translated very quickly with the help of special professional mobile phone tool. For example, a very simple and easy to use program "Factory of formats." When you work with it you need to specify the format of the output, to add a movie, select the folder for the saved file and start the process. Wait.
Now the movie can be downloaded to your phone. For this you will need the USB cable supplied with the phone. Connect the phone to the computer. If you have not previously connected your mobile to computer, you first need to install the necessary for the further operation of the driver. But you can do without it. But then you need to open the phone as removable media in Windows Explorer.
Open the Video folder in your mobile and insert it in the finished film. Wait until the file is fully downloaded to the phone. And then, to avoid the occurrence of problems, use that computer function safely remove the device. The task is completed.