You will need
  • For this you will need Internet access and the usual web camera.
Purchase in store a webcamera. If you are not well versed in them – consult the dealer. Just remember that you do not need a web camera with "bells and whistles", it is a fairly simple model. Complete with web-Cam should be the driver.
Connect the webcamera to your PC-install the driver. If for some reason the drivers in the kit are missing, download them from the Internet. Before downloading the driver, make sure that they are suitable for your webcam.
Now, after installation, make sure that Skype it "sees". You can check this: go to Skype menu "Tools" click "Options" and then go to the submenu "Setup video". Check next to the option "Enable Skype video" was checked.
If Skype were to see your webcamera and it works fine, then the screen of your monitor in the upper right corner you will see your own image. Image no - reinstall the driver. If everything works fine, then the same picture I see and your chat partner.
You may at your discretion choose video settings image. This is done as follows: click on Settings "web camera" and set the brightness, contrast, and color. All these changes are going to happen in front of you, so choose the most convenient option, you can easily.
The image is, and you configured it to your liking, click "Save". Your webcam is configured.
During the conversation, look through the peephole webcam. Its position in front of a webcam you can also easily adjust the image of what you look like on "the other end of the world", you will also see on the monitor.