Advice 1: How to chat using webcam

Skype is a very popular and convenient in all respects the program. It makes possible not only free to speak with subscribers around the world, but to see them. If you have never used a webcam, a few tips can come in handy.
How to chat using webcam
You will need
  • For this you will need Internet access and the usual web camera.
Purchase in store a webcamera. If you are not well versed in them – consult the dealer. Just remember that you do not need a web camera with "bells and whistles", it is a fairly simple model. Complete with web-Cam should be the driver.
Connect the webcamera to your PC-install the driver. If for some reason the drivers in the kit are missing, download them from the Internet. Before downloading the driver, make sure that they are suitable for your webcam.
Now, after installation, make sure that Skype it "sees". You can check this: go to Skype menu "Tools" click "Options" and then go to the submenu "Setup video". Check next to the option "Enable Skype video" was checked.
If Skype were to see your webcamera and it works fine, then the screen of your monitor in the upper right corner you will see your own image. Image no - reinstall the driver. If everything works fine, then the same picture I see and your chat partner.
You may at your discretion choose video settings image. This is done as follows: click on Settings "web camera" and set the brightness, contrast, and color. All these changes are going to happen in front of you, so choose the most convenient option, you can easily.
The image is, and you configured it to your liking, click "Save". Your webcam is configured.
During the conversation, look through the peephole webcam. Its position in front of a webcam you can also easily adjust the image of what you look like on "the other end of the world", you will also see on the monitor.
If you persistently do not see – means, you do not have sufficient channel for Skype, change your tariff plan.
Useful advice
If during the connection there is sound but no picture – click on the button "Start video stream".

Advice 2: How to call via the Internet on your phone for free

On the Internet you can chat with friends, find useful information, have fun, listening to music and playing. You can even make video calls to your friends using special sites and programs. Also via the Internet actually make calls to mobile and landline phones. Calls to cell and landline numbers cost money, but with this guide you can learn how to call via Internet for free.
How to call via the Internet on your phone for free

How to call mobiles and landlines over the Internet for free through sites

On the Internet there are many sites that allows you to chat calls free not only network users, but also with subscribers of mobile and urban telephone networks.

So, call for free to any place in Russia and abroad from To make a call, you must connect a microphone to your computer, a webcam and headphones to install the Chrome browser and register on the website. A necessary requirement is the PC operating system Windows 7,8, XP. For a call you need to dial the number in international format and press Enter.

A day you can call once and talk for one minute.

Through the online portal you Can make free calls to landline phone numbers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In no-charge package includes 100 minutes per month. You can also call your cell phone once registered, each user receives advertising fifty cents on account. The website also has a list of countries that you can call without cost, it is constantly changing. So if you have loved ones abroad, you may not spend money on calls to them.

To call via the Internet free on your mobile phone and from the website if you register a new account. On the bonus 5 rubles you can make a call to any number.

Many foreign countries, including Ukraine, you can get through without spending money from the site If you want to call mobile, free call duration will not exceed 30 seconds. Unfortunately, to call on the phone over the Internet in Russia with this portal for free is impossible.

How to call free using Internet on mobile or the landline telephone with programs

With computer through the Internet calls can be made not only with websites, but also through special programs. Basically, they can communicate through voice and video with anyone who also has accounts in these applications.

Through most of them provides a set of paid services that allow you to communicate with subscribers of mobile and urban telephone networks. But well attract customers, the developers organize a variety of events, offering users to make free calls over the Internet to the phone on different days in different areas or charge money for the sample of calls during the registration.

So, Mail.Ru Agent gives 10 rubles to set, You can spend$ 1 on test connection and the ability to call certain destinations for free, bonus are popular in Russia, the Skype.

If you are the owner of a modern smartphone, you can also call phones for free through the Internet as most of these programs have apps for mobile devices.

How to call phones for free with a PC via the Internet: make the right choice

Thus, the choice of sites and programs with free calls is large enough. To avoid confusion in sentences and to find a decent option, you can use a special service BetaMax. With it, you can select and download the program for free communication. It helps to track relevant information about where and on what terms you can call via Internet to mobile and landline phone for free.


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