You can call free on Skype to mobile or landline anywhere in the world once after registration in the program. After that, the app will offer to Deposit money into your account for future use this feature. You can register again and get another chance to call for free on Skype. Of course, this method is not the most convenient.
Install the mobile version of Skype. Contact the person with whom you are going to communicate frequently, and ask him to install an app on your phone. This way you will be able to call each other using Skype for free. Pay will be only Internet traffic as for calls, you must be connected to the network.
Connect unlimited tariff plan "World" on the official website of the app to make free calls on Skype for a whole month. Freely it's possible to call mobiles and landlines Hong Kong, GUAM, Canada, China, Puerto Rico, Singapore, USA and Thailand. In all other countries, including Russia, you can only call landlines. There are some other limitations, which you can find on the Skype website.
Each Skype call is available only one time subscription to unlimited World. To connect you need to create a new Skype account or use an existing one and provide your payment information. After 27 days from the date of first use of the subscription expiration date will be extended automatically unless you refuse it. From 28-th day your credit card will be deducted monthly of 10.49 €.