The group calls is a very handy option in the Skype. It can involve all users of Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8/8.1 and Mac. From your mobile device to start a group video call is impossible. However, to join the existing video conference you can always.

What you need to do before organizing a group video call

To make a group call (to establish a video conference) on Skype, you must ensure the correct work of the Webcams and also to check whether the technical requirements of the program system PC capabilities of each participant in the conversation. An important role in the organization of group calls is the presence subscription "Skype Premium" or the "Manager" at least one of your buddies. Without her to take advantage conferencing will be possible.

Create a video conference

Locate the Skype icon "Create group" and click on it. Next, drag the contact from the corresponding tab in the area called "Empty group". The same action repeat against the rest of the contacts you would like to make
the participants of the conference.

In addition, you can use the option "Add participants". Click on the "+" button and select "Add people." Then select contacts from the list of subscribers and click "Add".

In the list of new groups you can make up to 9 participants. However, the communication quality is not deteriorated, it is better to engage in conversation no more than 5 persons.

The next step is beginning of the online conference. Press "Video call". The color of the screen after that will change immediately. At the bottom of the Skype window you will see the dashboard of the call, and then hear long beeps. They will continue as long as any of the interlocutors does not answer you.

If during the conference you no longer hear of one of its members, click the "communication Quality" at the bottom of the screen and check tincture call.

The organizer of the interview may exclude from any video conference participant. To do this, hover your mouse over the avatar of the user, and then click the red icon.

To complete a video call, press "hang up".

Additional features video calls

During the group call, you can:

- show and hide lists "Latest", "Facebook", "Contacts";
- send various files and messages;
- enable/disable camera and microphone;
- to add new participants to a video call;
- maximize the program window to full screen and exit full screen mode.