Unfortunately, modern life, work routine, city life does not allow you often to get out into nature where you can enjoy clean air, natural flavors, pine forest, sea or the smell of lakes and rivers. In large cities air pollution is a real disaster, which is why air ionizers can be a great solution for many people.
Ionizers are bipolar, producing in the air as the negatively and positively charged particles in the "healthy" ratio of 3:2, and unipolar, emitting only negative ions.

Who needs ionizer

Air ionizer can be useful for children, elderly people, weak and sickly people, and all those who suffer from diseases of the respiratory system. In acute influenza, and other viral infections, air ionizers will be more than ever.

Before you purchase an air ionizer for the home, you should pay attention to the technical passport of the device, as the ionizer needs to be safe. Technical passport may be a certain guarantee of quality, it is not necessary to pay attention to the devices as well as having a dubious view.

It is very important to assess the capacity of the device, because it does not work the principle of "stronger is better". A beneficial effect may have only moderate air ionization. The use of the ionizer is obvious, it kills harmful bacteria and viruses, neutralizes the positive ions and clean the air of dust and impurities. With such a device the air in the room will always be clean and healthy.

Size matters

If you spend much time at the computer or near the TV, a great solution is to buy a compact, local ionizer which can be placed in close proximity to yourself. When you lead an active lifestyle, or the room where it will be the ionizer, is very large, it is best to buy a more powerful model.

Many models of ionizers can have a number of additional functions that make the atmosphere in your home harmonious and favorable. Additional features include air purification, flavoring, and lighting.

Using the ionizer, the air can be completely cleansed of dust, which has negative charges. The dust when it settles on the floor, the furniture, the walls. When you use the ionizer it will be necessary to remove most of the dust, conducting wet cleaning, to reduce the risk of inhalation of dust.
If the apartment is low humidity the ionizer should be paired with a moisturizer, otherwise it can damage heavy electrification.

Ionizers have contraindications and can even cause harm. For example, you cannot use this device to people who are suffering from cancer, the ionizer can contribute to the growth of the tumor. Therefore please consult your doctor.