Man cannot exist without oxygen. And the purer the air around her, the stronger the condition. No wonder in the highlands, where the air is saturated with negative ions, diseases of the respiratory system are less common, but life expectancy is much greater. In the unfavorable environment in the air has a mass of impurities. In the apartment there are flying microscopic dust particles, germs and bacteria. Working electrical appliances also contributes to poor air quality. Because of this, a person can experience a decrease in immunity, fatigue, an allergic reaction.Air ionizer creates discharges, which are formed negatively charged ions. Dust particles and germs have a positive charge, so the laws of physics are attracted to negative ions and precipitate, ceasing to be in the air. To remove such dust from the floor or items of furniture through regular cleaning, then how to exclude her from the air without the aid of the ionizer is simply impossible. Ionization also contributes to the destruction of odors.Purified air improves gas exchange in the lungs and the person gets more oxygen. In the air, rich in ozone, microbes practically is not subject to and breathing becomes easier. This has a positive effect on cardiovascular activity up to normalization of blood pressure. Ionizer for home necessary for people suffering from allergies, as it destroys the allergens themselves. Helps ionization of the air in patients with asthma, chronic bronchitis and other lung diseases. Age contraindications the use of the ionizer does not have, so it can be used in families with young children.