You will need
  • Good mood the baby calm and steady voice of my mother.
What educational games you can play with a six-month baby?

We must try to help him to consolidate the acquired skills and to acquire new games. The baby develops a simple game - follow, imitate in their actions adults. Take the rattle and you're gonna tell a simple motive, let the rattle in the child's hands, let them also try.
The child listens to the speech of adults, developing babbling sounds speaking. At this point sit, the child needs to see your lips, sing or say various syllables, short words: mA-mA, PA-PA, BA-BA, BA-BA, Ko-Ko, etc.
Sing songs and nursery rhymes that mention body parts. Think of exercises that would be mentioned part of his body - eyes, nose, hands, feet, and during the game, call them.
Play with baby game ""a Magpie"", "Ladushki", "Goat-horned", "birds flew".
Every game can be finished by clapping hands and joyful, "Hurrah!"
Play hide and seek with a light shawl. Cover the toy and ask: "Where's Bunny?", "Hurrah! Katyusha found a Bunny!". Cover your head, ask: "Where's mom?" "Hurrah! Katyusha found my mother!"
Show pictures to the relatives and say, "mommy, This is daddy's brother Roma".
Hang pictures depicting animals, geometric shapes, fruits, vegetables, and others. Consider them.
In 6 months the infant can engage in toy.

Sit with the baby on the floor, roll the ball, telling the poem "My cheerful ringing ball". Let him play with the ball.
Leaving the room, wave the child's hand, saying, "Bye!"
Teach child to say "Yes" by playing the elephant. Show toy elephant, and draw, as an elephant shakes his head up and down, up and down. In this case ask the question: "What says the Bishop?", and they themselves answer: "the Elephant says "YES" - up and down, YES up and down.
Put the legs and put the baby himself in the ankle. Take his arm or support for the elbows. 'S foot, tell nursery rhymes. During lessons with a child 6 months sing him more songs, tell poems.