You will need
  • - various toys and objects (for the development of motor skills);
  • - didactic materials.
From the very first month of life in between sleeping safely start to acquaint baby with the environment. Do it at home or outside if not too cold. Not to forget more often to take the kid on hands and to bring him various items. Call items tell little of history, do not skimp on the emotions.
Develop indicative activity in the process of the action items and toys. Enrich your baby new experience. Show him how to doggy dance, the cock crows. Introduce baby with didactic materials (balls, cubes, rings).
Pick up items of various material, texture, weight, elasticity, density for the development of tactile sensitivity of the hands and fingers. Meet planar image of his favorite toy (see picture).
Play fingers. First, use your hand to squeeze it into a fist and make circular motion, imitating a bee. "Buzz" and the approach of the hand to the baby will make him smile. As close, stroke pinch exhaling, "BU-u-um" and gently Pat the baby on the tummy, hands, legs and head. Now repeat the fun several times, and then do the same thing, but a children's pen.
Keep in mind, these games are very useful because the combination of waiting, motion, sound and emotions the kid will learn to predict events and to make their first conclusions. Improve the content side of communication during the game. Contribute to the emergence of the baby's needs in joint action with adults.
For the development of mental operations and logic play with babies games: "warm-cold", "light / dark", "fuzzy-prickly," "hard-soft". These classes are well trained memory, perception and intelligence and the child will be able to make their first conclusions.