Rattles, balls, rubber animals

At this age children become interested in more complex rattles with unusual shapes and handles. They should be interested in capturing, developing fine motor skills. Recently, the popular mild rattles in the form of animals or dolls. Often they can be embedded mirror or rip massage a pea that will bring joy to your kid.

Ideal for baths become rubber toys-tweeters. The child is able to sit in the bath but just shower he is already bored. Much more interesting, if there swims a fish, duck or frog, moreover, it will broaden the children's perception about the world. Quality rubber toys are easy to press and exactly swim.

For crawling baby is very important to have moving riding toys. They help your child learn his first mode of movement is crawling. It is good to take a regular medium size car or a horse on wheels. Make sure you buy the balls – they should be bright, of different sizes, such that they could ride and ride.

At the age of 6-7 months, the baby great pleasure in playing hide and seek, likes to find and hide himself. All sorts of rags can be covered with toys or your face, periodically disappearing and appearing. Mother involved in creative work, can make of different fabrics play Mat that helps your child to explore different sounds and materials, for example, tapping, crinkling, rolling of the peas.

Educational toys

This is the perfect time to introduce your baby to his first book. At first, it should be thick enough so that the baby could taste it, with large pictures and minimal text. Perfect "Turnip" and "hen".

Will appeal to child and large colorful cubes. You can also help moms to build a tower and then destroy it. Similarly, we can proceed with pyramids, collect yourself kid, it will not be able to, but feeding rings will be happy. The pyramid should be stable and wide base with holes for ring. Good lego toys.

Also educational toys, your six-month baby, include simple sorcery, the balls travelling along arcs, ramps for the balls. Choose the most simple toys with a minimum number of parts, large size and simple shape. As soon as the child learns to handle acquired "razvivalki, you can move on to more complex. Most of these toys are created by experienced educators, so not only can they take your baby, but also stimulate rapid mental development.