What skills should a child in 6 months?

By this age, most babies can sit in the cushions or support and firmly holding the head. 6-month children some time can stand, holding handles for the bed or sofa, and even trying to touch the legs and take the first steps. Lying on his back, the child explores the mouth their own feet, and if it is flipped on his stomach, he is active and moves quickly on their bellies. Now the child turns to any side bends.
In light of the increasing locomotor activity necessary to best protect the movement of the baby around the house.

Indicators of child development in 6 months

The curiosity of the child at this age knows no boundaries, it stretches to plates with food when adults eat, trying to eat with your hands. Playing with objects, the child takes them in hand, explores with fingers and mouth, throwing toys and watching them fall. That is makes every effort to study the surrounding space.
For the best development of the child need to put it on the floor and surround a large number of colorful toys to stimulate his desire for knowledge.

At 6 months the baby should know his name, to distinguish between friends and strangers. He develops likes and dislikes to other people other than the parents. The child at this age already has their own tastes, preferences and habits, shows character. During the games the kid may long to focus on one subject, so the classes with the child becoming more interesting and varied. Your child will remember the name of the items you show him, and repeat pronunciation he looks and points at them.

The child begins to notice important details and patterns, so he is interested in repetitive actions or toys that are equally responsive to certain of his actions. For example, emit a certain sound when you press the button.

Games involving adults, bring a kid a lot of joy. He wants to communicate in all ways: sounds, movements, glances.

Contact with the child

Hearing and speech 6-month-old baby has already developed enough that the baby could consciously react to sounds and even to answer. However, his responses are emotional. Intonation it can Express joy, interest, fear, pleasure. The voice of the baby the mother once it becomes clear what he wants from her.