Funny games

Six-month-old baby actively learn about the world. Often at this age there comes a turning point when mothers feel that games with favorite child moving to a new level.

Developmental coordination training – what you need 6-month-old baby. A great option would be a fun "birds flew". Its essence is simple enough – mom slowly tells to the child some tale about birds, and then raises his hands up and claps for the phrase "birds flew". Over time the baby learns to wait for this moment, in advance going to laugh and actively participate in the game.

Play "dad's shoulder" are guaranteed to delight the little fidgets. The father should have the child on his shoulders, holding him back, and slowly move around the room. So the child learns to better control his movements and maintain balance.

If the kid already knows how to crawl, before you can build him a fun obstacle course, put some pillows in pillowcases from colorful fabric. A baby who is still reluctant to participate in active games can be carried away by a ball, blocks, interactive toys and "talking" books.

Walking in the street

On the sixth month of life the child can already walk on the street during wakefulness, therefore, to diversify its activities include a trip to the Playground. Joint and swinging on the swings, first acquaintance with the hill in my mother's arms, the loud laughter of children – all this will cause the baby a lot of positive emotions.

A walk in the Park will also help to entertain the baby, because there is so much unknown things to him. Mom needs to not only show him the leaves and grass, but also to name each item, despite the fact that the child is not yet able to reproduce heard. To bring the campaign of bright colors, can be bound to a wheelchair a balloon, he just will not let the kid get bored.

What toys to choose?

The sixth month of life – time for continuous study. The child may offer a toy with opening doors, mirrors, buttons, wheels, nasazhivaniya each other cups etc to pull himself experimented with them bent, bashed and thrown under the close supervision of adults.

Very often a six-month old children start to wonder "adult" toys, for example, the TV remote, cell phone and sunglasses case. Parents should carefully to see that he hasn't broke a thing and swallowed a small object.