If you decide to surprise your partner with a romantic dinner, try to have this event was a surprise for him. To pass the evening without the "puncture", it should be arranged in advance. Preferably, if the alleged event will be a day before the weekend: so you don't have early in the morning to go to work, and you will be able to relax. In addition, it is recommended to check with your loved one's plans for the day and to hint that in the evening it is waiting for a pleasant surprise.

If you decide to have a romantic dinner at home, care should be taken to give the customary interior to be more romantic and sensual atmosphere. Very impressive will look a path from the front door to the festive table, laid out rose petals and small candles. This decoration will cost is not cheap, but the effect is amazing, from giving the mood for romance.

Pay special attention to the table setting. Decorate it with candles, flowers (they should be quite a bit – enough to be one of the beautiful roses), put a bottle of good champagne or wine, turn on relaxing music. If you decide to put on the table a bouquet of flowers, it is not necessary to place it between you so he will hinder communication.

After a romantic dinner should not be feeling of heaviness in the stomach, which is why preference should be given light foods. It is best to include in the menu more seafood, vegetables, fruits. Products such as rice, fish, oysters, crawfish, greens, almonds, avocado assimilated by the digestive system. Moreover, they are aphrodisiacs, natural stimulants of sexuality. As dessert is perfect with ice cream, strawberries, banana or mango. Food should be just enough to satisfy hunger, but to the very process of absorption of food does not interfere with the communication. You should not eat alcoholic beverages, it would only take one bottle of wine or champagne.

This evening you should create a cozy, welcoming communication environment, to even the most shy person could feel next to you comfortable and confident.