Planning a romantic dinner, make sure that your event will not be upset from-for employment of your spouse. Better to ask if your partner is free this evening; you can even ask to defer or postpone a not very important matters for another time, so that you have the opportunity to be alone.
Pay special attention to menu planning, because your event requires, above all, eating. Hardly worth it to cook something time-consuming and time-consuming, because you need time to relax and look after themselves to look this evening at one hundred percent. It is impossible to cook also difficult for the body fat meals. Based on your preferences: what you both love, and serve. Well, if you know a lot about spices and seasonings. In addition to an improvement in the taste of any food many of them can serve as a good aphrodisiac.
Take care and beverages. Well, if you know the tastes of your partner – then you can't go wrong. But the best choice, as always, will be red wine for meat dishes and white for fish. If you like stronger drinks, can make cognac. Beer and champagne should be reserved for other occasions.
For table use stimulating the appetite combinations of colors. Experts advise to stay on the pink, red, orange, white and black colors. Always looks elegant and solemn snow-white tablecloth, and the dishes can be, for example, black or orange, a vase with flowers (only a little!) red or if the flower it is red in color, made of transparent crystal. View in advance how it will harmonize what you want to see on the table.
By the way, is not to overload the table with utensils. It should be a minimum of only the necessary things. If something does not fit, use an additional table.
Usually during a romantic dinner, use candles to create a more trusting, intimate environment. To put them or not – you decide. Maybe for you it will be enough of a floor lamp in the corner of the room or wall sconces.
If you have an oil burner, you can add romantic atmosphere with drops of essential oil. But remember that the chosen fragrance must not be sharp and must like you and your partner. A good addition may be the quiet, background music, tune you on romantic mood.
The outfit must be chosen such that you feel comfortable, and most importantly, that you have invited the person feel uncomfortable and awkward, like at the reception.
Arranging a romantic dinner, forget the troubles, problems and worries. Think only about nice things. Tune in to relaxation and love.