A romantic dinner is a surprise for your second half. If you are going to get him at home, apart from the door to the room where you spend the evening, small candles. They will have to atmosphere. You can make a trail of rose petals. This, of course, expensive, but the effect is stunning.
Prepare a few simple meals. Romantic dinner should not be overly rich. For example, it may be a salad of beets, walnuts and honey, cold cuts and cheeses, fruit. Assume the taste preferences of your second half. You know enough about them to your loved one nice to eat you light meal.
Purchase an alcoholic beverage. It should not be strong. For a romantic dinner fit dry red or white wine, champagne. Refer to the preferences of your loved one. Select what will appeal to him. The drink will relax you both and have a conversation. And by the end of the evening you will bond with your other half. A romantic dinner usually ends with violent sex.
Get yourselves cleaned up. Make a beautiful hairstyle, discreet makeup. Wear a sexy dress. Under her dress should be beautiful fishnet lingerie. Pick enjoyable toilet water. You need to make an unforgettable impression on your mate.
Select appropriate music. It should be a quiet, melodic. You with your loved you have to first listen to each other. To speak softly.
Put on a small table you have prepared the dishes, glasses, wine, fruit. In the middle of the table place a candle. It will give the room a romantic atmosphere. Turn off the lights, and in the twilight wait for her lover. When your beloved enters the room, walk up to him and gently kiss. Invite to the table and start the conversation in a relaxing environment.