You will need
  • - spatula,
  • - rubber gloves
  • - respirator or mask,
  • - protective eyewear
  • - antiseptics,
  • brush.
If you decided to do away with mold in your home once and for all, it should be clear that the first step is to get rid of the source of high humidity in the apartment. It can be not sealed mezhplitochny seams with street-side, leaky faucets, cracks in the walls or under the window sill, through which flows the moisture in the apartment. It is a favorable environment for the development of pathogenic fungi. Check the operation of the ventilation system, when there is insufficient traction will immediately start to solve the problem.
Once all causes of the fungus is resolved, you can safely go to the very process of removing mold. Take a wide metal spatula and most clean walls off the affected plaster. Try to scrape off the plaster down to the concrete surface, it is also possible to lightly clean, as the fungus has the ability to affect not only the walls but also concrete structure. Lack of treatment will only lead to the fact that after some time in the same place the fungus will appear again.
Then thoroughly dry the walls with heaters or blowtorches. To comply with safety precautions and special care. Purchase at the hardware store one of the following: "Antiplesen , "Senezh-antiplesen , "Capatox , "Mapor , "Anti -, "De-antiplesen . All of these drugs are intended not only to eliminate the fungus, but also to prevent rot, mold and other fungi. These primers are ready to use and need no dilution with water.
Apply to dry, clean wall surface antiseptic with a brush or spray gun, try to run without gaps. After 5-6 hours to re-clean the surface from contamination and rinse water. Again dry wall and repeat the treatment with antiseptics again. A day later your walls will be ready for decorating with paints or Wallpaper.