You will need
  • respiratory mask;
  • - rubber gloves;
  • - spatula;
  • - antiseptic solution;
  • - primer;
  • - waterproofing composition.
Mold, or fungal is the result of inadequate ventilation and high humidity in the room. Often mold forms in corners, behind furniture, under, behind Wallpaper, under ceiling, if not hermetically sealed bulkhead seam or frequently flooded neighbors from above, etc.
To get rid of the fungus on the affected area too is possible only with the help of a specialist. You will probably need the assistance of a high-rise fitter. For example, if you have a flat loose/leaking adjacent balcony slab. Black mold in this case can be found in the apartment, and the room on the floor below – on the ceiling under your balcony. And here already to solve the problem should be comprehensively together with neighbors. The joints from outside, the builders need to seal the cement-sand mortar, treated with sealant. Then allow it to dry out and warm up from the inside corner. And only then can proceed to the removal of mold from inside the walls.
If the fungus did not have time to penetrate deeply into the wall, it can be eliminated in several stages. Remove from the wall all the old Wallpaper. Schistocyte trowel the plaster and paint from the affected areas of the surface.
When you completely remove the stains from the walls, treat the areas with an antiseptic solution. In this process will have not only the affected area with antiseptic need to walk across the wall. Before you buy tools consult a specialist species of the fungi quite a lot, and for each there is a special antiseptic.
On top of antiseptic, after it dries, coat the wall with antiseptic soil – it will return the strength of the surface. Then apply a waterproofing composition. Wait until dry wall. Now it is possible to paint or Wallpaper.
Renovated ventilate during the day. For several weeks follow the wall surface, which was exposed to the fungus. At the slightest indication of mould will have to fight with all available means. Find the cause. Perhaps interpanel seam sealed tightly enough, and maybe the wall due to freezing requires additional insulation inside insulation materials. After re-removal of mold, treat the wall with an antiseptic solution.