Advice 1: How to remove fungus in the wall

High humidity, improperly installed plastic Windows, poor ventilation is the cause of on the walls of an ugly divorce, fungi and mold. In order to remove the fungus in the wall, you need to hold a full complex of measures aimed at decontamination of the premises. Additionally, you must resolve the initial reason for the appearance of fungi.
The fungus is the cause of many diseases
You will need
  • Tool for removing mold, primer, putty, plaster, paint roller or brush, trowel.
In order to remove the fungus in the wall, you need to identify the cause. The cause of "blackening" of the walls can be:
• High humidity in the room;
• Breaking the isolation of interpanel joints;
• Lack of ventilation;to prevent the reappearance of mildew on the walls, it is necessary to eliminate the cause.
In order to remove the fungus in the wall, remove old Wallpaper and a brush or spatula to remove the layer affected by the fungus in the plaster. Contaminated plaster is usually more loose and easily peels off. To clean up contaminated sites is necessary to its very foundations - a fungusthat has penetrated deep into the plaster is not visible.
Treat the walls with a special compound designed to remove cement film, and to open the pores of the concrete. As such funds are suitable IMPRES.
Dilute the cleanser to remove mold and mildew with water, following the instructions. As these tools can take the grunt "aseptic" with many years of action. However, there are a lot of recipes used in home conditions to prepare a solution to combat the fungus on the walls. Divorced means apply to the entire wall using a roller or brush. Pay special attention to the places infected with fungus.
After treatment primed the walls with antiseptic primer. It is necessary to harden the surface of the base wall and to improve the adhesion of the plaster.The next step is applying a waterproofing composition. On the primed wall waterproofing mixture is applied with a roller or brush.After application of waterproofing apply a primer of deep penetration and proceed to plaster and putty walls. After full drying of the plaster can begin to wallpapering.
Do not forget about safety - the treatment of the room should be done in a respirator and rubber gloves.
Useful advice
In order to make a solution to kill the mould and mildew on the walls, take 10 liters of water, a pound of copper sulphate and two liters of acetic acid.

Advice 2 : How to remove fungus from the floor in the bath?

Very often people face the problem of the formation of fungus on sex boards baths. And the question of how to remove this fungus permanently remains relevant to the owners of such places of relaxation.
Fungus on the floor in the bath
The fungus in the bath room you may receive as a result of improper it arrangement at the stage of design and construction.

In the bath, at the stage of construction, must be laid out properly technically equipped water flow. And floorboards must defend at some distance from the ground. This will provide air circulation under them. This, of course, winter will be slightly colder, but the floor construction will last much longer.

To choose for the construction of better floor Board of larch, they are easier to clean. Before installing the boards you want to remove the trim on each of them in the corners. This provides better water drainage, decreases the dampness.

Correct ways of decorating the floor in the bath room

That it is safer to get rid of the fungus, planks must be laid on a sand cushion, but it is also necessary to carry out the ventilation of the underground. In the case where the moisture will be under the floor or above it to avoid rotting of the floorboards and the development of fungus in them simply will not work!

Of course, you should be sure to also treat the ground under the floor of the fungicidal agent, it will help to be safe.
For ease of handling, you can use composition, which is easily sprayed.

Furthermore, about the processing of Foundation pillars on which stands the bath, you also need to remember.

You can still, alternatively, just make a new floor with the flooring, which is more resistant to moisture. To do this, use moisture-resistant OSB with veneer ceramic tiles matte shade under a tree.

Chemical means for combating the spread of the fungus

The domestic market today offers numerous tools in order to quickly display a particular view gripka. However, you can find drugs that are considered universal. They are suited to deal with different types of these organisms.

If the fungus has already penetrated deeply into the wood, the treatment will not help boards to be completely replaced. And only after that you can carry out thermal and chemical treatment of the room.
Will not prevent re-laid processing of wood with antiseptic.

However, be aware that the selection of chemicals used for the bath design is very limited, because under the influence of temperature gradients there is a possibility of formation of harmful compounds to the human body.

In any case, before you tackle this problem, you should consult a professionals who advise counter measures.
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