You will need
  • Tool for removing mold, primer, putty, plaster, paint roller or brush, trowel.
In order to remove the fungus in the wall, you need to identify the cause. The cause of "blackening" of the walls can be:
• High humidity in the room;
• Breaking the isolation of interpanel joints;
• Lack of ventilation;to prevent the reappearance of mildew on the walls, it is necessary to eliminate the cause.
In order to remove the fungus in the wall, remove old Wallpaper and a brush or spatula to remove the layer affected by the fungus in the plaster. Contaminated plaster is usually more loose and easily peels off. To clean up contaminated sites is necessary to its very foundations - a fungusthat has penetrated deep into the plaster is not visible.
Treat the walls with a special compound designed to remove cement film, and to open the pores of the concrete. As such funds are suitable IMPRES.
Dilute the cleanser to remove mold and mildew with water, following the instructions. As these tools can take the grunt "aseptic" with many years of action. However, there are a lot of recipes used in home conditions to prepare a solution to combat the fungus on the walls. Divorced means apply to the entire wall using a roller or brush. Pay special attention to the places infected with fungus.
After treatment primed the walls with antiseptic primer. It is necessary to harden the surface of the base wall and to improve the adhesion of the plaster.The next step is applying a waterproofing composition. On the primed wall waterproofing mixture is applied with a roller or brush.After application of waterproofing apply a primer of deep penetration and proceed to plaster and putty walls. After full drying of the plaster can begin to wallpapering.