The first reason could be the emergence of pathologies of the cervical spine. Therefore, the pain occurs in the neck and head, gradually moving to temporal and frontal lobe.

The second cause of intracranial hypertension, migraine, vegetative disorders. Migraine is accompanied not only painful attacks, but also changes in taste and olfactory perception, appearances of dark spots before the eyes. You may receive a feeling of nausea and vomiting, which should be a clear signal for going to the doctor.

The third reason – atherosclerotic changes in the brain, temporal arteritis, disorders of the nervous channels. Arteritis is a rare disease and is an inflammatory process of the arterial walls.

The fourth reason – infectious diseases such as flu, tonsillitis, meningitis, encephalitis). The pain is acute, it may constantly increase and be accompanied by a feverish condition.

The fifth reason is the intoxication of the human body. As a rule, in case of poisoning with alcohol comes the hangover, which is accompanied by quite severe pain in the temples.

The sixth reason – violation of the psychological balance. Most often the pain is aching in nature. The result is irritability, fatigue, a person becomes prone to hysteria and depression.

The seventh reason is the hormonal disturbances. In women, menopause often causes pain in the temple. Also pain can occur over the menstrual cycle. It is caused by hormonal instability in the body.

In any case, no need to try to get rid of the disease, as analgesics and other pain-relieving drugs only suppress pain, but does not eliminate the cause. And this, in turn, leads to various complications (diseases of internal organs, allergic reactions, etc.).