Advice 1: Why is the strawberry grows small

To get the perfect crop of delicious and fragrant strawberries, the grower will have to work hard. It is extremely capricious culture, require a particularly caring attitude. Improper planting and care of irregular berries, even the most selective variety of plants will be more and more shallow. If your site grows strawberries are small, be sure to look for the cause and correct all my gardening mistakes.
Why is the strawberry grows small

The first condition of a good crop of large strawberries will be a high quality varietal seedlings. If you plant a small-fruited variety, don't expect big berries even with the most careful and proper care of the beds. Be sure to find out all the characteristics of commercially available plants, their resistance to frost and disease. Seek advice from experienced growers about the cultivation of this crop in your climate zone.

To buy planting material should be in specialist shops with a good reputation, or friends of successful gardeners. Of course, even the seedlings of elite varieties should be selected, healthy. The optimum diameter of the root collar of seedlings of 6 mm. a Good option is a seedling that was excavated back in the fall and remained all winter in the special conditions.

However, even the best large-fruited variety of the strawberry will not give good yield if you give the wrong fit. This plant likes a lot of light, so avoid dark places. The plot should be well prepared. Experienced gardeners in early October, dug over the beds about 25 cm in depth, and in the winter spend a snow retention. In the spring you needed another digging – inches to 15 deep.

To get a large strawberry, never plant it too densely. Between the bushes need to leave at least 25 cm and between rows of free space should be at least 30 cm Gently spread the roots, crimp them with soil and sprinkle. Continue watering should be constant but not excessive – strawberries are shallow with a shortage of water, and when it is abundant simply rots.

Strawberries are growing quite rapidly. If its whiskers to let free to crawl over the beds, the berries will grow rare and small. Trimmed mustache and constantly fight weeds. To simplify my problem, can impose aisle film or mulch (it is recommended to use wheat straw).

One of the reasons for the degeneration of strawberries may be the lack of power. Take care of the fertilizing of the land for the strawberry patch. More autumn please make the manure, and during the spring digging again to fertilize the soil with humus. Some gardeners for a year before planting strawberries are grown on raised beds future green manures – plants that suppress weed growth.

You can plant oats, and then plow it green shoots in the ground. It will be a good dressing for your favorite berries. Examine the experience of other gardeners – you might find the best way to get a large garden strawberries.

Advice 2 : Why is the strawberry sour

Strawberry is one of the first fruit that pleases the taste of many children and adults after a long winter. If your garden strawberries are not particularly sweet, then you need to rethink the care of her.
Why is the strawberry sour

If the strawberry has a pronounced sour taste, then the first thing to pay attention to the variety of berries that are sour, sour-sweet and sweet varieties. If planted sour cherries, then nothing can be done and you will have to settle for sour berries: use them to make jams, fruit drinks or other things. If you planted sweet variety, but the berries chislet, then most likely cause is incorrect watering. Excessive waterlogging of the soil can not only significantly ruin the taste of strawberries, but also make it watery. Order the berries were sweet, watering plants once a week, and if a long time rains, in this case, around the beds, dig furrows a little deeper than it did previously.

Also strawberries can Kaliti for the reason that berries not enough heat and light. From the above we can conclude: make the strawberry patch where most part of the day sun rays. But if the weather is not pleasant and warm, and the only way to get sweet berries to build a greenhouse for strawberries. It should be noted that such a device will not only help significantly improve the taste of berries, but to a much larger harvest. Well, the last reason why strawberries are acidic - the bushes are too old. In this case, the update of the bushes solve the problem and next year the plants will delight you with excellent yield.

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