You will need
  • - 300 - 600 g yarns;
  • - circular needles.
Crochet warm skirt, choose a yarn with a high content of acrylic as it is less susceptible to deformation, and for the summer models are best suited cotton yarn, such as "iris".
On coils usually indicates what the number of needles suitable for knitting, however, note that if to knit thin yarn on big needles, the fabric will be more loose. This method is suitable for lace knitting. If you are knitting thick yarn with thin needles, the fabric will turn out dense. This method is suitable for knitting warm skirts of a direct silhouette.
Yarn consumption is usually indicated in the technical description of the model, however, should pay attention to the yarn thickness and the length of yarn in Hank, as your chosen yarn may be slightly different from that used for knitting the model.
Before we get to the knitting skirt, be sure to make a sample. To do this, type 20 loops and provarite about 20 rows. Next, measure its length and width. Divide the width by the number of loops and the length of the number series. Thus you will get the number of stitches and rows in one inch. Check your calculations with a description of the model.
Skirts are usually knit in a circle without seams. You can start knitting as on the lower edge of the product and the belt.
Skirt straight silhouette start knitting from the bottom. Measure the circumference of your hips and calculate the number of loops for the first dial-in number, to do this, multiply the measure the number of loops in one centimeter.
Dial in two spokes required amount of loops as you knit the first row then arrange them on four spokes and jumper knitting in a circle. It is also possible to knit on circular needles. Next knit basic pattern to the hips. Then make the necessary obuvki, periodically trying on the skirt. Waistband knit elastic 1x1 denser viscous. To do this, adjust the spokes to the more subtle.
Flared skirt is better to start to knit from the waist. In addition, you should make a paper pattern of the product that will allow you to make the necessary allowances. Such models also knit round, or make them double seam, and the fabric is knit on two needles.