You will need
  • yarn;
  • - circular knitting needle;
  • - additional circular needles or fishing line.
Before performing the main product, be sure to link the sample. Any magazine with knitting instructions, can not give 100% success in carrying out the work. Each knitter has their own density knitting, and individually chosen yarn even in one purchasing party may be somewhat different. Therefore, through a linked sample, you can adjust the number of loops.
Dial on circular knitting needles 100 loops. Provarite the first row of facial loops and close the number in a circle. Continue to knit elastic, only the front loops 7-10 rows depending on its width. Next, complete the diagram: *1 yo, 2 stitches together, knit in the front*. Each subsequent row again keep working in the front loops. In the end we get a double band due to the bend, which is formed in the region of the row, which was done by nakedi. This place will be formed beautiful teeth that will become part of the decor.
Start knitting the main fabric, which also knit the front stitch. A feature of the skirt is that it will slightly flared, and the hips will appear a few rows of crocheted ruffles. To do this, follow flare by adding loops through an equal number of loops in a row, for example, every 20 loops (that is, in row 5 times). Repeat the increase every 5 loops in a row. Extension leaf can regulate themselves, depending on the extent of the alleged flare model. In any case, the increase in the number of loops should be uniform.
Provatas 10 cm of the skirt, make the first doubling of the number of loops. To this end, the process of knitting through each loop of nakedy make that clear on extra circular needles. Leave the support spokes from the outside of the skirt. Continue knitting the main canvas. 7 cm re-run doubling of loops that leave from the outside of the skirt. 7 cm cloth skirts again doubling the number of loops. Then provarite another 10 cm of the front of the fabric, follow the above scheme for the formation of teeth. After her proverite 3 rows, close the loop and hem the edge with a needle.
Keep working with the loops that are left on circular needles. These places will form ruffles. Perform the addition of loops in the diagram: *1 loop of purl, 1 yo, 4 mesh face, 1 yo*. Next row knit in pattern. Through each series, continue the addition of loops at the expense of nakido. This will result in a frill, the width of which each defines for himself. The ruffles can make scallops with a hook. Insert the waistband elastic band or cord with tassels.