Give blood and urine sample. If necessary, you recommend a renal ultrasound. After all the research, the urologist will prescribe therapy. Usually for the treatment zastuzheny of the kidneys need to take antibiotics. Do not drink no drugs at its discretion, in the treatment of kidney sometimes quite weak drugs, such as nitroxoline or penicillin.
On the background of the use of antibiotics do not interfere, and herbal teas. Buy renal or urological collection at the pharmacy. Take, following the instructions on the pack or in the attached annotations. The herbs included in the collection, have a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect, also increase the body's natural defenses. Since any drug can be allergic reactions, in the first reception drink condensed 10 times the dose of the decoction. If everything is normal, continue treatment at full dose, but no more.
Take a sitz bath several times a day. The water should be about 40 degrees to allow warming up, but not above. In water add the decoction urological collection. The average time of heat treatments of 10-15 minutes.
Before you sleep, put a heating pad under your back and lie down on it for about an hour, it can be a little longer. Warming spend up to a full recovery and the disappearance of all the symptoms of inflammation of the kidneys.
Good and helps warm the feet. If you have the desire, then do a hot foot bath before going to bed. In the water add a little mustard or sea salt.
After a course of treatment, return all the tests again, because you could only remove the symptoms, when the inflammation will not go away. Re-inspection of the kidneys of a urologist is required. Untreated, the disease can become chronic, it is not necessary to forget about it.