You will need
  • Computer, software, telephone.
A separate listing of SMS. You can at any time withdraw all phone messages on paper. For this you will need a computer, special software. Prerequisites you can find in the package a mobile phone. It should also be noted that you will be able to print only those messages that have stored on your phone.
The installation of the software. Insert the installation disk that comes with the phone. Install the software for device synchronization with PC, then select restart system through the start menu". Once the system is loaded, open the installed program and connect your computer to a mobile phone using a USB cord.
As soon as you connect the mobile phone to the computer, the desktop will appear a window with all the features of the program. Here you can find a section with messages SMS. Some programs allow you to open one window all the messages at once (this has a dedicated button). Open all messages, output them on print, using the appropriate menu item in the parameters section. Note that not all phone models include the ability to print messages.
A printout of SMS messages through a personal appeal to office of your mobile operator. In this case, you need to visit the nearest office of your operator. Turning to the Manager, ask him to carry a printout of SMS messages from your phone number. It should be noted that you can order such a service, setting a specific date for which you need a printout.