You will need
  • - gynecologist;
  • products containing calcium (milk, cheese, dairy products, cheeses);
  • medicinal products containing calcium (calcium carbonate, calcium gluconate, "Elevit pronatal", "Obscene", "Vitrum-prenatal", "Calcium D3 Nycomed" )
After learning about the pregnancy, a woman goes to the gynecologist. The first thing your doctor will recommend you to make in your diet more foods containing calcium. Buy more cheese, drink more milk, yogurt. Best calcium absorbed from the acidophilus, yogurt, yogurt, low-fat cheeses. Up to 12 weeks of pregnancy do not take special preparations, they are useful to drink at a later time.
With the twelfth week of pregnancy take calcium tablets. It may be "Calcium carbonate", which contains calcium about 40%, or "Calcium citrate". "Calcium gluconate" contains only 9% minerals, "calcium Lactate" - 13 %. To the monotherapies of calcium also include "Vitacalcin" (1 tablet contains 250 mg of calcium carbonate), "Calcium-Sandoz" (represents the effervescent tablets containing calcium lactate, gluconate and carbonate in the amount of calcium-about 500 mg). Calcium can also be taken in combination with other substances, the composition of these preparations include salts, vitamin D and minerals. Combination therapy has several advantages, including the ability to secure the intake in sufficient quantity not only of calcium but of vitamin D, which takes an active part in metabolism, promotes the formation and maintenance of bone structure. During pregnancy, most often assigned a "Calcium D3 Nycomed" (it contains 500 mg calcium in the form of carbonate and 200 IU vitamin D). Also prescribe "homeopathic remedy" (vitamin D 50 IU, calcium 250 mg in the form of carbonate and citrate, zinc 2 mg copper and manganese 0.5 mg, boron 50 mcg). All of these drugs are good to use as a treatment for calcium deficiency and as a preventive measure. Multivitamin means more efficient make in the last months of pregnancy as a preventive measure. We recommend the following complexes: "Sana-Sol", "Elevit pronatal", "Obscene", "Vitrum-prenatal", "Pranava", "Multi-vitamins".
It is known that taking calcium supplements safe, they do not cause negative reactions of the fetus. The application of this minerals during lactation is also beneficial for the mother's body. Some side effects are still possible, for example, carbonate salts of calcium can cause disorders of the digestive system (constipation, flatulence or diarrhoea). Preparations containing calcium citrate cause such phenomena are much less common. Not often, but take place to be allergic reactions that occur additional components of the drug. Starting to take any calcium Supplement, pay attention to the reaction of his body. In the case of adverse symptoms, immediately discontinue use of the funds and consult your doctor for advice. Be sure to ask to replace the drug with another.