Remember that the daily requirement of calcium during pregnancy is 1500 mg.
Take calcium in its natural form – from food to digest better. Calcium in synthetic form can lead to overdose, the formation of sand in the kidneys, and in rare cases, and stones.
Drink from the first days of pregnancy to 2 cups of milk per day. If your body can't tolerate milk, replace it with kefir or yogurt. Eat 150-200 g of cottage cheese and a few slices of cheese a day. Thus, you will create a reserve of calcium in the body.
Use egg shells as a natural source of calcium. To do this, hard boil some eggs, remove the inner film, the shell will be calcined in the pan. Then grind in a coffee grinder eggshell into a powder. The prepared powder can be added to soups and main dishes of your menu. Doctors recommend a dose of 0.5 teaspoons per day. Alternatively, before use, extinguish the calcium powder fresh lemon juice - formed calcium citrate, which is best absorbed by the body.
Take vitamin D-containing foods – egg yolks, cod liver oil and fish oil. Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption and retention in the body.
Consult your doctor if on face calcium deficiency in the body hair fall out or break nails. In this case, the doctor will prescribe supplementation of calcium.