The word "monitoring" has come to Russian language from English (monitoring), and monitor originally in Latin meant "resembling a warning". Monitoring is a continuous or regular monitoring of any object or process with the purpose of the evaluation, comparison, and forecasting. This activity is widely used in different fields, in science and in management. The systematic diagnosis of the situation using a clear system of indicators, evaluation criteria.
There is environmental monitoring with a view to its protection and control impact of economic activities on nature. Originally appeared monitoring in soil science, ecology, and then it spread to other areas of practice. Conducted monitoring on the state of the environment, to identify adverse changes to adopt measures for their minimization or elimination. Monitoring of the environment includes the bio-ecological, biosphere, natural and economic (geosystem), sitemonitor. The process involves, besides observation, compilation and processing of data, preparation of conclusions and forecasts. Observations made from ground and sea stations, with the use of photographs, images from space, etc System of environmental monitoring in many countries.
In sociology monitoring tracks changes in society examines the socio-political phenomenon, a forecast. In psychology apply psychological-pedagogical monitoring, its purpose - control of pedagogical influence on the comprehensive development of the child and prevention of adverse factors. Medicine tracked the overall impact of the environment on human health. In the field of production and management monitoring is also important. The building is the control and monitoring of the construction of the building and its condition, soil condition and surrounding environment. This uses special equipment that can help you identify negative trends and take corrective action at an early stage.
Monitoring is widely used in modern business, in particular, to monitor the situation on the market and competition. For this is the observation of the actions of competitors in the media: range of products, their advertising, the customer reviews about the products online. In the days when information spreads instantly, and market players just need it in a timely manner to capture and use.