Over the past decade there has been a serious trend towards a refutation of many myths related to breastfeeding, complementary feeding, sleeping, diapering, treatment, education of children. These issues are being discussed and the majority of young mothers who have become acquainted with all the "pros" and "cons", it is possible to choose for yourself and your child the only correct position on a particular issue. At the moment, our country is increasingly developing the movement of "natural parenting". Its basic idea is natural in the upbringing and care of the child.

The issue of haircut of the child, of course, not so important, like feeding or teaching the child, but in many respects his decision depends on which group of mom you consider yourself to be: traditionalists, based on the signs and customs of the older generations, or "estestvenno", putting at the forefront the convenience and comfort of the child.

In the first case, the answer to the question "to cut or not to cut child per year", in fact, not worth it. Of course, to cut. But still you should protect the baby. Take him to a specialized children's barbershop, where the shearing process is thought through, and the child at the time the haircut will draw the cartoons, put in a gaming chair, and the experts can make the process of cutting the least uncomfortable and frightening than this can happen at home. And then, perhaps, the Treasury of your family stories won't be more spectacular story of how "the whole family son head kept dad used to cut and my grandfather danced, and in the end still had to shave". However, your child definitely will look much better and new reasons for tears and mistrust relatives will not appear. If in your environment there is a tradition according to which haircut should do the godparents, just invite them with you to the hairdresser so they can cut off a few curls in accordance with the recommendations of a hairdresser and a model for future haircuts.

In case you all are targeting the convenience of the child, the question to cut or not to cut the baby by a certain date for you is not worth it. Here can be a few guidelines, which should adhere to. The first of them is the need of the haircut. As already known, the myth that hair after the haircut to become thicker and thicker, does not have serious grounds. Just with age fluff is replaced by adult hair. Haircut only allows you to open the hair hidden beneath the first fuzz. The density and quality of hair to do with the amount of hair follicles, genetically. Usually, the hair to become thicker and thicker by the year, so there was a tradition to cut off the fluff at this age. If year your baby is at the roots still the same fluff, it just says that the hair will grow later on, but it will happen for sure. So the hair should be cut only if they are already much longer and interfere with the child. Barbers do not recommend to shave the children, as the hair follicles are still weak and can be damaged.

Next, you should assess the readiness of the baby to such procedures. If your child is calm, happy-minded and willing to let me take care of, one should not expect serious problems with the first haircut. If he is reluctant to give cut nails and nervous at the sight of a comb, do not expose it to additional stress. Even if the hairs climb in the eyes, full haircut should save - just cut the extra strands off my forehead during sleep or bathing, when your child enjoys playing, or turn a haircut into a fun but safe game.

And in any case, it is worth remembering a few rules. The child during the haircut should be comfortable, relaxed and fun. Therefore, a visit to the hairdresser should be assigned in the same time of day when the baby slept, fed and in the mood to play. If possible, show the baby a positive video, where the shear of the child. It would be great if you go with the child and anyone from adults to your hairdresser to show how there cut the mother, and how she likes it. Tell me that now it will be just like an adult. In the process of cutting try to captivate your baby calm game: swipe along his fingers, prepared to show him bright pictures tell the rhyme. And most importantly, stay yourself in a relaxed mood. This will help the child understand that he is safe.