You will need
  • - computer with Internet access.
There are several ways of sending postcards with animation, and to please friends. Here are the most accessible of them. Create yourself or find on specialized sites (e.g., animated images, appropriate to your theme. Note on format: send only images shall be "GIF". Send a postcard by e-mail as an attachment.
Place the image on the photo sharing site that is compatible with the format "GIF". Get a reference to the animation image and send it to the recipient in any way, including in the ICQ message. Animated gifs of this format are supported by almost all browsers. However, if you sent a postcard to the person on a mobile number, she can open a fixed.
Ask a friend or friend to install on the phone UC browser. His phone displayed an animated image, though, and skip some frames.
In that case, if the image does not open at all, then maybe the recipient phone does not support the format "GIF". Animated gifs in the format of "SWF" is more expressive. In addition to the animations they include and sound, and elements of interactivity.
Please ensure that the computer or phone of the addressee is, Flash Player. Without it, the card in the format of "SWF" simply will not open.
Find a postcard at one of the sites specializing in such services. Copy the picture and send it to the recipient in any convenient way for you.
Keep in mind that your friend will not be able to view the card of this format just by clicking on it. In order to open the file, you must save it to disk, and then again to enter into the address bar the path to the saved file. The only way to see the sent image.