Water is considered one of the major products that help reduce appetite. Water forms the very basis of all popular diets. It is used for getting rid of feelings of hunger, drinking a glass hour before a meal. It fills the stomach and stimulates digestion.


In terms of tea is better to give preference to green. It helps release toxins and promotes the loss of about seventy calories a day.

Food with high protein content

Protein food is considered an important component in the fight against obesity. The presence of muscle helps burn fat at a higher level because of the formation of muscle mass need protein, and for his learning needs considerable energy costs that exceed refining costs the same amount of fats or carbohydrates. The main suppliers of protein applies to poultry meat (Turkey, chicken breast), egg whites, fish. And fatty acids, which is famous for fish, help in strengthening blood vessels, as well as a positive effect on the skin.


The feature of the vegetables with negative calories that their digestion consumes more calories than they contain. These vegetables should be consumed and the content of fiber, which is essential for health and proper operation of stomach and intestines. Preferably every day to add food in at least one of these vegetables:

- iceberg and watercress

- celery

- spinach

- beets

- radishes

- zucchini

green pepper

- polka dots

- cabbage (cauliflower, kohlrabi, broccoli, Savoy)

- cucumbers


- dandelions

- the black radish.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits help reduce the desire to eat, thus strengthen the immune system and relieve the body of toxins. It is proven that grapefruit contains a substance that has fat-burning properties. Eating grapefruit stops the formation of fat deposits.


It is impossible to pass, and pineapple because it is considered a major fighter against fat. The information is seized upon by many manufacturers of so-called "fat burners", making this a pretty good business.


When choosing products for effective weight reduction will certainly pay attention to the nuts, which are rich in protein, fiber and monounsaturated fats, which, in turn, act as helpers in weight loss.

Olives and olive oil

Daily consumption of olives or olive oil on an empty stomach helps to control your weight and allows you to gain unwanted pounds. Olives are a source of various vitamins, protein and carotene.

In the struggle with excess weight do not have to starve important to enter in the daily diet of useful products.