Grapefruit is one of the popular products that help to burn fat. It reduces the level of insulin, the hormone that regulates the level of hemoglobin in the blood, thereby lowering appetite. Enough half of grapefruit or some juice. Fruit helps in cleansing the body of toxins, speeds up metabolism. These properties are all citrus.


Ginger is an Oriental spice that increases the blood circulation. Helps digest food and improves digestion. Is very sharp, so use in small amounts. Popular ginger tea when ginger with lemon juice and honey added to the boiling water. This drink helps to speed up metabolism and very good warm. There are contraindications for those who have diseases of the digestive system.

Regular cabbage also helps in the fight for the piece. It contains sufficient amount of fiber, and it turn, normalizes digestion and cleanses the body, is a source of antioxidants and vitamins.

Dairy products. Milk is rich in calcium, which is not only just good for your heart and bones, but also helps the body produce a special hormone, calcitriol. That, in turn, helps the cells of the body to actively burn extra fat. It is best to consume low-fat or fat-free dairy produce, not to obtain excess fat.

Green tea is also known as the assistant in getting rid of excess weight.

Protein food helps in building muscle, which replaces fat. To digest proteins need more energy, so fat is burned. Main products are white meat poultry, fish, eggs.

Also need water, which accelerates metabolism and helps weight to go faster.

This is not the whole list of products. However you need to remember that you need to balance your diet, since the lack of calories are just as harmful as excess.