The composition of grapefruit

Grapefruit – fruit special. He is an excellent provider in the body of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it is not necessarily weight. Just 100 grams of grapefruit pulp on the day fill the body's need for vitamin C is 60 %, potassium – by 9 %, magnesium – 3% and calcium 2 %.

Part of the grapefruit contains antioxidants that reduce blood cholesterol levels. And grapefruit with red flesh more antioxidants than fruits with yellow flesh.

Eating grapefruit lowers blood sugar. Therefore, it is recommended for those suffering with diabetes. Due to the high content of vitamin C, this fruit reduces bleeding of the gums, therefore, used for the prevention of periodontal disease.

Bone grapefruit though are very bitter, have a powerful antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Also helpful grapefruit peel. Chopped peel is recommended in the heartburn and pain in the stomach. But if the peel is dried, crushed into powder and added to food to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Grapefruit juice, in addition to its rich vitamin composition, is another feature. It is used as an excellent remedy for insomnia.

Special attention deserves the grapefruit flavor. It is widely used in aromatherapy, as it helps fight depression and bad mood.

As the grapefruit "burns fat

But especially love and respect for this fruit is a fine half of mankind. For him its fame as a "fat burner". Like grapefruit burn fat? Literally – no way. That is directly on the fat grapefruit no action is not. But to get rid of excess fat it helps. The fact that grapefruit has the ability to speed up digestion. Accelerating the metabolism, including fat, improves the function of intestinal digestion aktiviziruyutsya. As a result, "burn" even deferred fats. The regular consumption of grapefruit helps to get rid of two pounds in two weeks. Enough before a meal to eat half of the fruit or drink 150 grams of grapefruit juice.

In addition to "burning" fat, the grapefruit prevents their accumulation. The substance is a flavonoid apigenin, which is included in its composition and gives the fruit a bitter, helps the liver to metabolize fat not putting it in reserve. Nutritionists even developed a diet based on grapefruit, which helps to get rid of excess weight without harm for the organism.