A symbol of passion and femininity in the spring and summer of 2014 came in first place. Each woman believes it her duty to acquire at least an accessory in this bright hue. All designers have diversified their collection of flying red dresses, skirts, chiffon blouses. Scarlet handbag and shoes remain classic, appropriate for any occasion. The only downside of this color can be called its dependence on age. It is known that better suited the young ladies, and more Mature visibly ages.
Blue and blue

The Maritime theme found the most widespread this season. To the question what color is in fashion, people in the know will always say blue. Collection of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue are the most direct evidence of that. They do not go out of trend for several years. The famous vest, invented Coco Chanel, has become especially popular now. Blue or light blue stripes give this item a charm and freshness. Blue pants or jeans are still in fashion. Shades this season are softer and warmer. Azure tones can be noticed in the decor of things on the accessories and details.

This currently fashionable color that combines a mixture of yellow and light green. Most of all, he is brunette and tanned beauties. Although some shades will fit perfectly and light-skinned. Especially popular to use this color in skirts. Best look tight pencil skirts with a high waist and peplum. Darker shades of pistachio look rich and attractive. This color goes well with green eyes. But it is not recommended for people with olive skin to give it a greenish tint.

This color continues to be popular in the winter. Its depth and brightness to emphasize a woman's beauty and her desire to stand out. Especially unusual look of decorations in this color. It is suitable for almost everyone. Brunettes, blondes and redheads can safely wear dresses, skirts, pants or t-shirts of this color. Surprisingly, now this color is almost universal. It is suitable for day and for the festive evening.

The fourth season in a row, can be seen on fashion shows it beige. Its ability to be combined with a "naughty" shades, e.g. fuchsia, forcing designers to constantly use beige in clothing and accessories. Besides it is non-staining and easily allows you to design the closet. This base shade is definitely worth having in the cupboard. Beige pants or skirt becomes a must-hawam this season.