As primary colors stylists offer hints of milk chocolate and thick caramel, copper-red shade and light ash blonde. These colors are as close to natural, and look very harmonious. If you want to look stylish, feel free to use this colour palette when choosing paint for the hair.
Today in fashion natural coloring, and painting with a 3D effect. Hair should look as natural as possible. With a thick weave should prefer the lightness of the strands throughout their length, and their subsequent rendering in the desired color. Sharp transitions in weave stylists in this year is not recommended.
Light shades of hair in this year are still popular. However, the platinum blonde, the stylists are advised to use only on short haircuts. If you have long hair, choose the colours more natural tones. For example, you can color your hair in honey color, or give them a hint of ripe wheat.
Blondes, it is worth remembering that today is not welcome regrown dark roots and causing colored strands on blonde hair. If you've decided to dye my hair blonde, remember that tinting the roots have to regularly. Well-groomed hair and natural color is fashionable, stylish and beautiful.
If you decided to dye my hair light blonde, remember that hair color should not be lighter than the color of your skin. The sharp contrast between skin and hair color looks vulgar and unnatural. The same applies to dark shades. If you have fair skin, do not use for colouring hair too saturated shades of black.
Dark-haired girls, it is recommended to paint hair in soft, muted shades. In fashion shade of latte, coloring in chocolate colors, the color of cocoa and dark chestnut. But bluish-black hue, which has recently been a topical, fashion experts, is not recommended.
As for the red shades, they remain at the peak of popularity. Deciding to dye your hair in red color, avoid too bright colors that look unnatural. In a fashion all shades of redthat don't look artificial. You can combine juicy and pastel shades, cold and warm tones. Most importantly, do not forget that the hairstyle should look harmonious.
Despite the fact that the stylists predicted the popularity of the "puppet" of colors such as lilac, blue and pink, in the main, these colors are not used. If you decide to make an unusual coloring with these colors, it should be remembered that the transitions between tones should be as smooth.