Fashion shades change depending on the season. 2014 was no exception. In winter particularly relevant was lucky glitter in the summer in Vogue bright berry tones from orange to deep pink. In the autumn there will come a time complex mixed colors in a cozy dark tones.
Innovation of the year - the interest in white coats. Snow-white, silver and shades of milk appeared in many collections. The varnish can be matte, glossy, contains small shimmer or pearl. White lacquer good in all situations, it fits the skin of different shades, gives the owner a refined and well-groomed appearance.
Still popular natural shades of beige. They may have a grayish, pinkish, or Golden nuances. The fall collections will have more coffee and chocolate tones of varying intensity. Try to try lucky colors espresso or latte caramel or cocoa with milk.
Another fashion trend - dark indefinite colors. "Ogoloshennya" lucky popular, but every year offers something new. Note the warm dark gray, black, brown, violet colors. In autumn collections have a luxurious wine-red cherry and varnishes, ideal for parties.
Pay attention to texture. Today it is popular not only classical varnishes, but also the means with a matte or sand effect. In fashion and metallics. In spring and summer was a popular bronze and copper in autumn and winter, special attention should be paid to the brilliant or matte silver. Very impressive look duochrome iridescent, and colored glitters. Such coatings should not be reserved for parties, today they are usually worn during the day.
Remains popular two-tone manicure. It could be a painting of circles and stripes, highlighted with contrasting colour hole or a free edge of the nail. Stylists offer boldly combine colors, combining orange with green, black with white, blue and pink. Another option is a decorative coating with the effect of flakes of different sizes. Such coatings can be combined with pastel or bright shades, creating a varied mix.