Nail appeared relatively recently, but the peak of popularity came later – beginning of 2000 years in Russia. It was at this time the procedure has become more affordable and popular among women. Now in a fashion naturalness. Does that naroscheny nails longer needed? So how was the fashion?

And fashion at all?

Beautiful and neat nails are out of fashion category. This basic care. Therefore it is impossible to say with certainty that artificial nails are out of fashion. No. If this is the only way to have a neat manicure and care of hands and nails, then, of course, capacity is still in Vogue.

Many of the girls said that artificial nails is not beautiful, not natural, not fashionable. But it all depends on the skill of the master and desire of the girl herself. Nails with the initiator length and catchy design are not always appropriate. And here's a neat classic French, even extended, looks stylish and beautiful. After a visit to the good wizard, very few people can distinguish natural from artificial nails.

Trends in building

Because the art of nail art is not static, but constantly evolving, each year there are different trends in manicure. For example, in 2011, the popularity of artificial nails in the form of "stilettos". This form cannot be done on natural nails, only escalating. And with the right wizard, stylish and neat design, these nails made a splash.

At the moment the building ceased to be something out of the ordinary. Every day hundreds of girls all over the world visit masters to bring their nails in order. Someone prefers a simple manicure on natural nails, someone resorts to capacity. As a result, they both have the same goal – to have well-groomed hands and beautiful nails. Now in a fashion naturalness, so the main building is a French mid-length classic square or oval.

Testimony to the increase

Due to various reasons natural nails always look beautiful. For example, the nail bed is short and small. Because of this loose edge, though grows, but on a very small length. Building can to hide it. Elongation of the nail bed with the help of material to build allows you to do nails somewhat greater length. And apparently it will not be evident. In addition, the increase helps to straighten the nails that growing up, bent down. The correct extensions allows the natural nail to grow straighter.