Rate the shade of their skin. Some varnishes can give it a nasty yellowness, redness or deathly paleness. To avoid mistakes, apply the transparent Polish on the tips of two or three layers and then attach it to the nail. Please note that the color in the bottle may differ from the shade obtained on the nails.
Be especially careful about the lucky pink-beige palette. For dark skin it is better to choose shades with no yellow, warm Golden suit of cream and reddish tones. With pale skin with a pink undertone harmony ecru and pink cold enamel.
The choice of color depends on length of your nails. Short plates look especially striking with dark shiny varnish. Try black, dark purple, rich blue, chocolate or cherry enamel. These shades visually elongate and lengthen the nails, giving finesse to your fingers. The fit and shiny metallic gold, silver, bronze and copper shades.
On the nails of medium length good lucky with special effects - holografika, Pesochny and glittery. It is on these nails look beautiful-sealing, magnetic options with patterns, bright enamel, and matte varnishes, vinyl or suede effect. Note that bright light lucky visually shorten and widen the nails.
Long nails is not necessary to cover dark or bright colors, nail Polish is too flashy and vulgar. Try pastel shades, translucent light lucky. You fit the white, cream, pale gray or doll-pink palette.
When choosing accessories for everyday wear, pay attention to fashion a complex color. Gray-green, bluish-gray, gray-brown and pinkish-beige tones perfectly match with business suits and not attract undue attention to the hands. Clean bright and dramatic-dark polishes leave for the evening.
If the office datum strict dress code, refrain from bright unusual varnishes. Your choice - a vast creamy beige color, as well as the classic French manicure in pink-nadovich colours. When choosing paint, keep in mind the skin tone. White spectrum is one of the most whimsical to wear.
Consider seasonality. In the summer you can afford the fancy fashionable shades. Lemon, orange, mint, neon blue lucky perfectly in tune with the outdoor outfits and tan. Autumn fashion includes a complex dirty tones, accentuating the elegance of your hands and blending with wool knits, tweed and drape. Come winter time light clean varnish and a classic red and gold color. Well, in the spring it is necessary to try a delicate floral tones: lilac, pink, pastel blue.