A couple of years ago at the height of fashion were square nails with clear pointy corners. Earlier the fashionista sported long pointed nails, reminiscent of talons. Today, these extremes have lost relevance. In fashion naturalness. Manicure is recommended to pay attention to the natural shape of the nails and the General appearance of the hands is will help to determine the ideal length of the plates.
The fashion today are oval nails with the length of the free edge of about 1 mm. This form is ideal for long fingers curved line of the cuticle. If the natural form of your nails is more angular, and his hands are massive, choose a square shape with rounded corners. Relevant and nails in the form of the tonsils, having a circular base and tapering to the tip. Remember that the lines should be soft.
Too long nails are out of fashion. Even artificial plates have a moderate length and look very natural. You must make sure that all the nails had the same shape. If that one breaks, have to shorten the rest. It is important to align not only the length of the plates, but also to Polish their surface. Nails should be perfectly smooth. To achieve this effect will help polishing blocks, nail files and special powder.
Choosing color, pay attention to fashion collections of the leading cosmetic brands - each season they offer the latest trends. This year, the actual different shades of orange, coral, warm pink. Fall into fashion will include a rich purple, but closer to the Christmas special, demand will be red and gold lacquers.
Summer fashion continues to favor bright colors - turquoise, mint green, lilac, lemon, blue. In the fall and winter should go back to dark "colocaram" shades - they do not lose their relevance for several consecutive seasons. You can safely wear and varnishes blue and green spectrum - they become part of the Arsenal of fashionistas and not going to take their positions.
Consider and texture varnishes. Now particularly fashionable glossy coatings and varnishes with a grainy sand texture. "Sand" can be matte or have a small shiny inclusions. To liven up the manicure and make it more fashionable will help a variety of tops with sequins, pieces of mica, matte or holographic effect.
Especially relevant today, one-color manicure. The selection of contrasting lacquer one or two fingers on each hand is no longer a fashion trend. Nail painting also looks outdated. Lovers of unusual design should pay attention to the stamping - the application of nails designs with stamp and plates.