Fertile soil to farm. Grow vegetables, herbs, berries, plant fruit trees. When the harvest is ripe, sell it in the market or arrange with shops and supermarkets, ready to take your products on sale. Put greenhouses – with their help, you will be able to profit all year round.
If you harvest too much and you are afraid that he will deteriorate, open the processing plant. Make jam, compote, canned vegetables. So the shelf life of your products will increase.
No desire to till the garden? Then build a farm. Dilute birds or animals. Besides, they can get double and triple benefits. For example, in addition to meat, cows give milk and skins, birds eggs and feathers.
Also on the ground , you can open the Hippodrome. Put the stables, bring the horses or take the stall rent. Open a riding school or club Polo. Using horses to provide services for a romantic rendezvous or wedding processions, walks on horses.
Near the plot there is a lake, forest or mountain? Open recreation center. Build one or a few comfortable cottages, where tourists could relax. Organize for them excursions, walks or picnics.
To be original and stand out from the huge masses of other pensions, engage in ethnic tourism. Build a mini village, create an atmosphere of national culture of the local people – clothes, food, interior, features of dialect.
Open small workshops using specialist travelers can make small items or to cook a dish of national cuisine. Organize good is your ethno-village, and tourists will not rebound.
If any item does not suit you – take the land on lease. So you will get profit without any effort.