Typically, these games take a very long time, soon it becomes like work, you need to walk regularly in dungeons (dungeons is slang for players), there to kill all the evil monsters that prevent access to the main highlights of the boss.

The boss is just unreal strong monster, which, usually, has a set of diverse abilities, skills and tricks. To kill him, you'll need to assemble a team of several (two to ten) players, of the same as you. Sometimes the boss fights can last a very long time, twenty minutes, thirty, forty, or even an hour.

But at the end of this exhausting massacre you get a chance to obtain a very cool thing that will increase the features of your invincible character, as well as mountains of gold and doubtless the experience. Through experience your character directs your level. In order to achieve the maximum level usually need more than one week, and sometimes more than one month of your free time.

MMORPG games are very addictive in nature. And all because eve is such a plan games, there is PvP (Player vs Player). For those who don't know: PvP is a game mode in which you fight against the same players as you. The outcome of such battles depends on your equipment, your ability to play and control your character. And the winner usually receives award reputation, for which he will be able to buy special gear, sharpened by PvP battles.

And yet we have not figured out why we so love to play MMORPG? The answer to this question, oddly enough, is human nature. Everyone wants to Excel in anything. Whether it's school, work, personal qualities, achievements, tolstoty wallet, beauty and so on. ... Provides people with the opportunity. In the game you can safely and without stress to "beat" Vaska from the 9th grade or the neighbor's party who has not given you write off control. Internally you will be proud of myself. Yes! I can do this! I did it! That such are your mental exclamations.

In the end, you're not doing anything particularly complex and difficult, could become better than anybody else. Yes, you certainly worked hard for that, but still you managed to achieve your goal. And inside you have a sense of satisfaction.

That's why we play MMORPG games.