The fact that a large part of modern diets (especially the most severe ones) are forced to exclude from the diet products that are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. So the menu for each of them it is advisable to study independently, that is to include useful and required products. Or to use them in large numbers after graduation.

For example, skin problems (rashes, excessive oiliness or dryness, peeling) appear when the body lacks vitamin A, B6, C and E. If provided by the diet menu does not include the products with their contents, then you need to buy and take these vitamins in tablet form.

It is impossible to abandon oil and other fats. Usually nutritionists suggest that provide and consume vegetables in the usual form, and as a salad with the addition of olive oil. You can drink in the morning, the oil from Flaxseed.

When the problem starts with the hair, you should try to add to the diet lecithin, meat, and nuts. Completely remove all carbonated beverages.

Sweets, most often, do not bring anything useful, and only provide problems with the figure. But if dessert is necessary, will help tea with sugar. Just don't use sugar substitutes! They can greatly undermine the work of many organs.

To prevent such trouble, as the lamination of the nails and their fragility, will help fish and dairy products, sea buckthorn, eggs.

And, of course, important water. It is necessary to drink a lot and often. Dehydration can lead to disastrous consequences. Clean water not only helps the whole organism, but also improves the color and condition of the skin. Besides water you can drink juices, but only natural.

Diet is definitely very effective in losing weight. But really look good, can only possessor of a slender body combined with a young glowing skin and healthy shiny hair. To achieve both simultaneously is not as difficult as it seems. The main thing is not to blindly follow the diet, which is described in the selected diet, but also competently to adjust.