The signs of a healthy person

The processes occurring in the human body, reflected in external qualities. As a rule, if a person looks good, and health is beautiful, and Vice versa. To understand how the person looks healthy enough to pay attention to some signs.


A sign of good health is a smooth, evenly colored, firm, elastic skin. Healthy skin indicates that a person eats right, consumes a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals and does not suffer from dehydration.
Excessive pallor of the skin, redness, acne, peeling can be the result of disorders in the body.


The hair of a healthy person should be thick, shiny, no split ends or dandruff. If the curls do not possess these qualities, most likely, the body lacks nutrients.


A healthy person has a clear view. While the sight of a sick person often seems muddy. Thick eyelashes and eyebrows, contrasting whites, pure iris: key features of a healthy eye. Change the color of proteins, the clouding of the iris, bags and dark circles under the eyes indicate any disease.


As nails also possible to determine the level of health. Smooth, pink, firm nails indicate that a person is healthy. When stains, grooves, changing the color of the nails should immediately consult a doctor.


Learn how healthy-looking person can be looking at Greek statues. For these images typically have well-developed muscles, correct posture, lack of excess body fat. Certainly the Greeks knew a lot about physical beauty. For them it was no secret that physical activity and proper nutrition is the Foundation on which to build health.

Mental and emotional state

"Actually, 9/10 of our happiness is based on health. When it all becomes a source of pleasure." - so said in the nineteenth century by the famous German philosopher A. Schopenhauer. Mental and physical health are closely connected. The reason is that chemical processes occurring inside the body, directly affect the condition of the human psyche. Conversely, strong emotional experiences can make changes in the internal organs.


A healthy person is a happy person. Elation, confidence, peace of mind – are signs of good health. A pleasant appearance is a consequence of the health of the human body. Slim body, clear skin, good hair, clear eyes and sincere smile, so it looks like a healthy person.