Diet Elena Malysheva

The diet is quite effective. However, she is more like the proper nutrition, than a diet. But relieved by this method the weight will not be returned. Weight loss is not too fast, and when the body weight is optimal, the weight stabiliziruemost and no longer crashes. Is with a diet can be all important, not the quality of food eaten and the quantity. For one meal you can eat as much as fits in two palms. Meal three times to eat is impossible. Is additionally to eat one Apple, but no more than two apples a day.

Liquid diet

For quick weight loss (15 kg in a month) the best would be any of the modifications on a liquid diet. Kefir diet, diet consisting of juices and other. Some of the types of liquid diets can be dangerous, so before you go on a diet, it is best to assess their capabilities and health. Diet you need to observe for two weeks, omissions, eating junk, eating should be strictly on time.

The Japanese diet

This diet will help you to lose about three pounds a month, so if you want rapid weight loss, you should choose another kind of diet. Unlike diet malyshevoy, the Japanese diet relies on good quality food. The application of additional vitamins is not provided, as all the necessary elements found in food. The basis of the diet is rice cooked without oil. Addition to rice is fish, vegetables and fruit. Rice has low calories, but helps to quickly get enough. Observing all the principles of the diet, you can lose weight two to three kilograms per month, while the weight is not stabiliziruemost.

Diet 1200 calories

There are in this diet can be all important, to carefully count calories. The meal is divided into 5 times. 300 calorie meals and 150 calories for two snacks. Though diet and suggests that you can eat any food, but alcohol and too much fat and sweet food is better to abstain. Diet recommended by physicians as absolutely safe for your health, stick to it for months without a break.

It is worth remembering that diet is the starting point into the world of healthy lifestyle. You can't stick to a diet all the time. Reaching the goal, you just need to stick to a healthy diet that pounds never come back again and again.