Many nutritionists offering grazing slimming claim that this type of food is most physiological for people, because it ate more primitive people.

The basic rules of grazing are frequent snacking throughout the day portions, not exceeding the weight of 200 grams at a time. At first, do not neglect the weighing of servings, because in compliance with grazing the amount of portions is crucial. Last time to eat two hours before bedtime. Total caloric intake should not be more than 1800 calories and for fast weight loss it is possible to reduce, but not less than 1200 calories.

According to the rules of grazing excluded from the diet of fatty and fried foods, sweets and other products made from wheat flour, potatoes, alcohol and processed foods.

To include in your diet if you are following a system of grazing can vegetables and fruits, various dairy products, cereals, branny and whole grain bread, fish, lean meat, eggs and seafood.

Do not neglect drinking regime, to avoid sudden attacks of hunger. To drink, besides plain water, coffee, tea, fruit drinks. Juices contain too many carbohydrates and are equal to full food. It should also be noted that severe hunger can cause eating fresh vegetables or fruit. Prevent it by adding to it a small piece of bread or bran.

Contraindications to the diet are exacerbation of any disease, obesity, eating disorders, diabetes. Grazing diet is one of the few systems that is suitable for people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract. In these diseases grazing system can significantly improve the patient's condition.

Grazing, due to frequent snacking prevents very hungry, and losing weight does not cause psychological discomfort from having to endure a long hungry hours waiting for the next chance to eat. The lack of hunger makes it easier to carry all kinds of temptations, which the diet always lot.

Do not wait for grazing instant results. This system provides noticeable results with long-term adherence to the diet, and ideally a lifetime. Long term diet and the gradual withdrawal weight guarantee lasting results.