No matter how long you know each other newlyweds, the first year of living together is a lot of different experiences, feelings and emotions. Is very much pleasant: storm of emotions, new feelings, the joy that my beloved man next. But, along with them, and there are difficulties, quarrels, misunderstandings. Each of the spouses, their level of culture and education, their understanding of family life, based on the experience of living with my parents, their expectations from life together. And the more they difference, the greater the conflict.

There are many domestic disputes. The husband hopes that his wife will meet him after work with dinner on the table. The wife came home, didn't understand why she has to cook when the husband came home from work two hours early. The allocation of the family budget raises many questions and disagreements. Wife spent a whole paycheck on new clothes, and my husband decided to give the award to my parents because they pay for the loan taken for the wedding.

If you start life together young couple do not see each other drawbacks, then in a year or two some small things can start to annoy: left unclosed tube of toothpaste, things scattered, time has not washed dishes, a habit not to close doors in the bathroom.

Passion begins to cool down. Lost the urgency and novelty of sensations. With the advent of the child of problems becomes even more. Wife occupied in the main by the child, she is not getting enough sleep, no time to cook or clean. The husband resents the fact that he paid little attention.

In this situation, many begin to think that they made a mistake in your choice, you need to divorce that no good it will not.

To hurry with the adoption of such solutions is not necessary. Nobody said it would be easy. Family relationship is daily work. Important: no need to be selfish, to think only about themselves. Do not need all the troubles to blame each other. If the relationship is not working, then both are guilty.

In General, divorce is a surgical intervention in family life. And even after you remove unwanted body body always hurts. So try to solve problems in other ways: to talk about the problems, determine the cause of mutual resentment and blame, to forgive each other, to give each other. Let everyone try to make happy yourself and your other half.