What to give for first wedding anniversary?

The first anniversary is also called the cotton wedding. This name symbolizes the fact that instead of wedding silk came other material - printed cotton, and a connecting spouses filament strengthened. Furthermore, the title indicates that this year the husband and wife have already adapted to each other, as cotton is a fabric for everyday clothes.
The first anniversary is celebrated after a year of marriage. Usually this day is celebrated without that scope, as in the day of the wedding, and the invited people are usually best friends and close relatives.

If you are in the list of guests invited to the cotton wedding, it is best to give the newlyweds a gift of textiles. It can be linen, cotton towels, bedspreads, tablecloths, curtains and other fabrics.

However, no one will blame you even if you don't give anything gingham, and will present some other gift. In addition, if during the first year of life in a young family happened replenishment, do not forget about the gift for baby.

What to give for second and subsequent wedding anniversaries?

Date two years of cohabitation, that is, the second anniversary is called the paper wedding. On this day, traditionally people give gifts out of cardboard and paper. The best gifts on this holiday is books.

Guided by similar considerations, it is easy to pick up a present, and on other dates. For example, on the third anniversary, which is called leather wedding, it is customary to give gifts made of leather, on the fourth (linen wedding) – flowers and articles of flax, the fifth (the wooden wedding) – various Souvenirs and products of wood. And so on.

Gift ideas for wedding anniversary

A wedding anniversary you can come up with some other interesting and original gift. It should be borne in mind that not all follow the tradition and give this holiday gift, judging from the title of the anniversary. So, you can give to friends to this celebration and appliances, and Souvenirs, and money, and household items.

In addition, on a wedding anniversary will fit the following original gift options:
- a romantic journey;
- humorous gift;
- dinner for two at a restaurant;
- gift with your own hands.

If you have this opportunity, you can give your friends on their wedding anniversary stay at the resort or cruise. More budget option – tickets to a movie, concert or club. A humorous gift can be presented as a Supplement to the main gift. Decorated with funny or ridiculous household items, original souvenir, comic portrait will certainly cause the heroes of the occasion, the smile on her face.
Giving a gift on a wedding anniversary, friends, don't forget to tell them from the heart of a good toast and then handed you a gift will give them a double pleasure.

The gift of a romantic dinner in the restaurant is crucial for almost any wedding anniversary. For this purpose it is desirable to select the institution in which the wife liked to go before their wedding. For them it will be an occasion to remember those wonderful times when they were passionately in love with each other and their relationship is only just beginning.

Deciding to make a gift with your own hands, turn on your imagination. Importantly, this gift symbolized the unity of the spouses and the strength of family Union.