1. In combination with black is a classic option. Black top looks perfect with a skirt or trousers of any pastel shades. An important caveat: the bleakness of black should be compensated by the lightness of the fabric. And if you use it in accessories and details, the sense of proportion in shape and size will be the best assistant.
  2. With regard to the combination of different pastel shades in one look, it all depends on your imagination and courage. If the combination seems too bright, you can smooth out the contrast with accessories like a scarf or belt that combines the basic colors of the image. Very advantageous to look with dark and light shades of pastels. For example, the combination of a dark purple top with a delicate light yellow pleated skirt.
  3. But even the tenderness needs to be in moderation. Lace, thin straps and translucent silhouettes necessary to balance the bright or shining parts of the shoes and accessories. Otherwise the image will be too intimate as underwear. In makeup too, it is desirable to make any accent. But hair can be easy with the share of negligence.
  4. New - is well forgotten old. From the distant ' 80s, returns the image of "one color". It is a bit monotonous appearance should be covered fabrics with a rich texture, for example, the English lace. Matte and Shine will complement each other as one color, but different style. To make the image memorable to help a little aggressive details and bright makeup with emphasis on eyes. By combining such complicated at first glance, pastel colors, any woman can make your image more feminine, light and fragile.