Over a series of new year holidays, marked by Carnival, and it's time to get accustomed to their appearance. Certainly, most have some disadvantages, which it is urgent to get rid of to the season of light dresses and short skirts. The first thing you need to put the real goal, e.g. to lose 5 kg. Can be more, but don't forget that painless the body can only lose 1-2 kg in a month. To achieve the result you can go on a diet. Perhaps you already have some favorite and more suitable. But you can search on the Internet or refer to a dietitian. Or, alternatively, to calculate the level of your metabolism and in accordance with it to balance the power.

To eat small portions, but in several stages, at least 5 times a day. The most filling Breakfast is supposed to be. Be sure to drink still water up to 2 liters per day. It is preferable to drink the majority of this volume up to 15:00, each time for half an hour before meals. Limit your intake of sugar, salt, potatoes and bakery products from wheat flour and refrain from evening snacking. For purification of the body is to consume dairy products with low fat content, cereals, seasonal vegetables, fish, nuts. Food should be easy: boiled, steamed, baked or steamed.

Usually during the change of season winter to spring supply of vitamins in the body was almost depleted, so don't forget to pamper yourself additionally beneficial trace elements. Would be great to have expert advice on choosing vitamins. Try to find a way to refuse transportation and to move around on foot. If this is difficult you might consider with a daily Jogging or walking briskly. Also a mandatory exercise. Purchase a subscription to the gym or the pool, or try to independently develop for themselves a certain set of exercises, using for example the Internet.

Try journaling, writing down your accomplishments and techniques might be even more interesting. Be sure to smile yourself, achieve the target you want, proceed to exercise with a great mood and everything will work out!