Don't think that a week can not pull up your figure. Of course, the ideal shape is a result of regular and hard work, but to make your figure taut and visibly improve its tone is possible. For this purpose each of the seven days start with the charging, this will allow you to feel much better during the day and heats up the body. In addition, you have to be more active during the day - so don't be lazy to walk a few flights of stairs or get off the bus at the stop before. Surprisingly, even such a seemingly minor increase in physical activity helps the body.
In order to look great and improve the color of the faceand make yourself look radiant for the week is to walk in the fresh air. You need oxygen, so a half-hour walk before going to bed is the rule this week. The room before bedtime is also worth to air and air to moisturize. It is very simple - put near the bed a bowl of warm water and go to sleep.
Drink water. consumption of sufficient amounts of water will rid you of wrinkles, perfectly smooth skin and improve overall health. The norm is about 7-8 glasses a day, depending on your complexion. Water, among other things, eliminates toxins and improves cell nutrition. So start every morning with a glass of warm water, and be sure to carry a bottle of pure non-carbonated water during the day.
During the week you have to make a few exfoliating treatments that will rejuvenate skin, improve its color and saturation with nutrients. Select soft scrub, which you should use in a day, or scrub, the solvent content of the pores.
Exfoliation is carried out before applying masks. During the week you should do at least three: deep cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing. As a cleansing perfect mask of black or white clay (kaolin), which also tightens and contour of the face. If your skin is oily, the clay also is a great solution. You can also use green or blue, they reduce inflammation and dried imperfections. Moisturizing masks can be prepared from the pulp of cucumber, aloe Vera juice and any other fruit (e.g., Apple). Nourishing mask can be made from cream, yogurt, or natural oils - peach, almond, apricot. Mask content of the oil is very good to warm up before applying.
Wake up each morning with massage cosmetic ice. The pharmacy is now very easy to find a variety of finished formulations, but you can easily prepare the ice themselves. Space for imagination here is pretty great - you can freeze as herbal infusions and natural juices of fruit or vegetables. Ice massage in the morning is perfectly refreshes the skin, removes the traces of sleep and pores. Your skin is ready for makeup, even complexion, and on the cheeks plays a light and pleasant glow. Cryomassage - a great way to quickly beautiful!
Note the hair - care pair of masks and a scalp massage will quickly bring them back to life. So, prepare a mask of egg white, a couple tablespoons of heated burdock oil and honey and apply it on your hair. Every night brush them brush, after about a few treatments it will come back to liveliness and lightness.