But when comes a day, determination and desire, as a rule, disappear, give up. And there is a lot of reasons and excuses to abandon the plan. Chief among them is the lack of time and effort. Prominent feature of man is the hope for the abstract and non-existent "tomorrow".

What to do and where to start:

1) All the time. If a person had an idea, a desire to do something or to start then on this day he is given the energy to carry out his plan, achieve the desired result. That is why "tomorrow" is not always have the strength and aspiration, because the flow of energy in the case is already much less than it was in the time of ideas.

2) Forget about postponing the case indefinitely. If you can not do today all the case, then you can use the method of division into small components. Make a small piece of a big task today. Thus, the person starts the mechanism and energy into work.

3) the Effective Japanese method. To introduce something new into your life (sports, cleaning, writing an essay), start to do it today, exactly one minute. And so every day at the same time increase the limit of your business for 60 additional seconds. So the body is easier to get used to the load.

4) Motif. As a rule, people can logically justify yourself with more important things. To avoid this, you need to initially understand the clear motive is conceived, why do I need it? What result I want to achieve and why? The motive must be clear and explicit ("to be happy" this motif is not perfect, as it is quite blurred).

It is possible to write on a piece of paper and put the most conspicuous place to every time he was reminded about the desired result.

5) a Group of like-minded people. If a person decided to start some business, but is afraid that will disturb him, it is a good way to avoid it is to find people just like him, with the same desires. They will have each other to remind about the importance of the plan. Example: you want to start to exercise, and like-minded people you have some people. And every one of you at the beginning of the lesson will be to tell others about it. So to remind you that the goal is close at hand. And then triggered the effect of "I'm no worse than other", if he does, and I'm going to do. We can say that we, therefore, support each other and boldly go to the goal.

Start small, because a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, remember this.