No matter how unpleasant this process for us, but required for Pets. So they are prepared for climate change. Before the winter, change the hair on thick fur, and in the spring for a light thermally conductive hair. In the spring this process is very intense.

When the first signs of moult should start to take action. As soon as you see the coat, you must use the comb to brush fluff pet. This eliminates more heavy shedding and tangles. In addition to the combs at the pet stores sell various types of viesistaba, such as a slicker or gloves. So the process of losing hair accelerated.

After brushing, wipe the coat with a damp cloth or napkin. During the day, be sure to clean with a vacuum cleaner and wipe the dust. It is best if the house the purifier. It helps to remove dust and lint, making the air more pure.

You must know that in addition to seasonal, there is compensation (the body restores only the damaged areas) and molt age (the coat is replaced with smooth fur more coarse the youngest). The wool throw is not only longhaired, but also short-haired Pets.

Molting usually occurs about 5-8 weeks. The young animal is much less. But if the pet wool throws constantly, for years it means that he has health problems. Most often these problems are linked to poor diet, lack of vitamins in the body and digestive issues. So that the process was not long to properly feed your pet, observe mode, buy special vitamins.

Necessarily in the diet must be present meat. Helps to support the immune system and helps to ensure that hair is shiny. Now in pet stores even sell special food and vitamins to help hair look healthy and to facilitate moulting. This process is quite troublesome, but if you follow all the recommendations, with dignity and without harm to cope with it.